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ThinSkin is an application which allows novices to create nice looking skins for Mozilla and Mozilla-based applications. Emphasis is placed on simplicity of the skin building process. Developers need only edit a few large Images which contain regions corresponding to various UI elements - almost like an "imagemap" or Quake-style texture maps.

This application will be built using RealBasic - an easy-to-learn IDE along the lines of Visual Basic - but allows you to create Mac OS9, OSX, and windows applications.

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REALbasic is a registered trademark of REAL Software, Inc.

6-06-02: Moz 1.0 is out! Now we can build stable themes! Working on 1st version of BaseSkin with enhancements.

05-21-02: Initial (pointless) Release of BaseSkin theme.

05-12-02: Getting installable version of BaseSkin soon.
05-08-02: Added first version of BaseSkin.
02-22-02: Initial (pointless) binary release MacOS9 MacOSX Windows.
02-21-02: Started project on mozdev.

The thinskin project can be contacted through the mailing list or the member list.
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